Friday, November 18, 2011

Zelda's Abbey

Everyone knows the Legend of Zelda, I mean : It's freaking ZELDA!!

This is a game that symbolize adventure. When you play a game, most of the time, you can find things here and there that comes from the Zelda franchise. Case in point, when you hold a button to target an enemy... Yup Zelda did it, Ocarina of Time to be exact.

The original Legend of Zelda gave the player a feeling of adventure that they never felt before. You had a huge world to explore with little secrets littered everywhere and dangerous foes around every corner. The game was hard but you kept playing because it was rewarding, giving you new items in every dungeon and empowering you along the way. The Legend of Zelda is sacred to many fans, it's a classic piece of gaming history and well-deserving of this status.

This time, I couldn't pick just one beer. I know I'm cheating but... I make the rules! Instead of a single beer, I'll recommend a style that fits with the masterpiece that is The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In fact, this style matches almost any game of this beloved franchise. What kind of beer am I talking about you might ask? Abbey beers!

Why do I connect these beers with the Legend of Zelda? Like Zelda, abbey beers are known by pretty much every beer enthusiasm. They are delicious, complex and can be an epic adventure for the taste buds as well. This is a style that many have attempted to copy, they can get close, get a few things right but we rarely see something as enjoyable and accomplished as the real deal. That's where this style and the game share something really similar. You also cannot argue against the fact that for some gamer, the legend of Zelda is almost a religion. The same comment can apply to the abbey beers, adding to that the fact that this style originate from Belgium monasteries and you can only agree that these two go hand in hand. The golden cartridge is just the icing on the cake.

On one hand we have a classic game that is known around the world for its qualities and the way it shaped the gaming world. On the other hand, you have a great and tasty beer style with pretty much the same characteristics. I chose a couple Trappist beers (made in Trappist monasteries) but if you cannot get you hand on a Rochefort or Chimay for example, any abbey styled should do the trick.

You probably know about this new Zelda game by now. Since I haven't completed it, I cannot say for sure which beer would fit perfectly but I'll still give you something!

This is a beer gaming quickie!

Since I'm in the Belgian styles for the Zelda franchise, I'd get myself a Delirium Tremens to play it. The main reason is the label! Look at this, it got pink elephants and dancing crocodiles! I like the pairing, mostly because the colorful graphics of Skyward Sword remind me of this sweet label with the blue being just like the vast sky you fly in on top of you crimson bird.

I'll continue enjoying Skyward Sword and my Delirium a bit and then I'll post some impressions about it (maybe some of you want yet another review of this game). For now, I love the game and I can say that if you own a Wii, you should own this game.

So now, go and pour your beer into a nice glass, take your NES controller and prepare yourself for the adventure that's awaiting. Let this game and this beer slowly build up and enjoy all of their subtleties. You've got an epic journey in front of you!

Until next time, play responsibly!


  1. Grab a beer and play it....NOW!
    Seriously if you're a gamer, you have to.