Thursday, November 17, 2011

What is game beering?

Beer is such a great beverage! It has been around for centuries and will continue to be around for the enjoyment of mankind. Everyone knows about wine and cheese but have you ever tried beer and cheese? It's great. Beer, cheese and cold meat was the main course for a lot of farmers not so long ago, it's a tradition that should not disappear.  There is so many types of beers with just as many different tastes that can compliment great cheeses, meat or desserts, you're bound to find some of these good.

Since beer seems to mix with anything, why not pairing it with another thing that I love : video games! The darkness of a good stout with a moody and scary game or a hoppy IPA with a shoot 'em up that attacks you from everywhere. I call the pairing of games and beer : game beering. Also, if you pair games and beers, you're a beer gamer!

I'll  try to find good beers for the games I happen to own. Since I'm an old-school gamer, most of the games will be retro games for the NES or SNES but it doesn't mean i'll only play old games. I'm still a gamer and there's great games still coming out (hint hint zelda) so expect some new release from time to time.

Coming up next : Castlevania!!

Until then, have fun game beering!

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