Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Super NintenLamp!

A couple days ago, we had a quick discussion about turning a broken Super Nintendo into a lamp at the VideoGamesPriceCharting forum. Smsmoko did one, which gave me the urge to try one too. I decided to go with another design and do something more like a wall lamp.

I got a broken SNES, got a cheap lamp at Wal-Mart and "designed" the thing. The construction wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.I also checked with a friendly electrician to make sure it was safe.

I swear it was already dead!

Check out a few more shots

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back with a Caribbean beer

It's been a while since my last post because I was in vacation in the Caribbean for two weeks. Now I'm back and I can continue to pair beers and games. Maybe a little rum and games down the road?

Just before I left for my trip, I found a good deal for 80 NES games with about 55 new ones for my personal collection. This means more games to try and match! I've got some pretty bad ones but also great games that I was looking for like Super C, the follow-up to the hard Contra.

On my trip, I tried a couple of local beers so I figured I could try to pair them with one of my games. The brew I chose is a lager from Martinique called Lorraine. It's golden/yellow in color, like many commercial lager, with a good foamy head that's quickly reduced to a thin lace. Its corny taste with minimal malt disappear as fast as the head with a light hop bitterness in the end. Really light.

There is nothing really bad about it, it's just that nothing really stands out...

So for this beer, you either need a beach/Caribbean themed game or, more akin to the Lorraine, a really standard game that doesn't bring anything new or really interesting to the table.