Thursday, November 17, 2011

Castlevania's beer trilogy

The Castlevania games! Known for its difficulty, action packed level and awesome music! You play as a Belmont, a long line of vampire killers hunting Dracula generation after generation. Armed with your trusty whip, you travel across several level killing everything that stands between you and you nemesis.

Since it's the first pairing, why not do three for the price of one?! Let's dive in and see which beer I recommend for the Castlevania Trilogy on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

These three games are well suited for a nice opaque stout. The darkness of this style compliments the evil nature of Castlevania. The dark gloomy castle with its scary surrounding in which the light never seems to pass through is akin to the shadowy color of this style that sometimes scare some people. Each of these adventures can have its own stout because they each have their own personalities.


This is the one that started it all! It's a simple game where Simon Belmont ventures into Dracula's castle to slay the count. It's simple, incredibly well made without any unnecessary stuff and also, it's far from easy! Get this, you will die, a LOT. For this one, i'd recommend an oatmeal stout, simple, effective and  addictive. If you can get your hand on it, pop your game into your NES and pour yourself a St-Ambroise Oarmeal Stout. It's a really nice brew that keep it simple but get everything right, you'll want more.

Castlevania 2 : Simon's Quest

Now we're entering controversial territories! I won't go into detail about why this game is hated, go see the AVGN's first episode if you've never seen it (note: you should have). This game is really different compared to the first Castlevania game, you're no longer stuck in a single castle and there's a big emphasis on exploration. For this game that differs from the original, I'd drink an Aphrodisiaque from Dieu du Ciel, a cocoa and vanilla stout. The sweetness of this stout makes it stand out from a regular one, just like this game does. I know from experience that some stout lovers seems to stay away from such a beer which is a shame if you ask me. Give a try to Simon's Quest and to this fine beer!

Castlevania 3 : Dracula's Curse

This game is the pinnacle of the NES trilogy so it's only fitting to have a beer of its caliber. Castlevania 3 perfected the genre for the console. You start far from the castle this time and level after level, you get closer to Dracula while having the option to recruit new characters along the way like Dracula's own son. I forgot to mention that this game is HARD! Easily the hardest of the three games. Ennemies and stairways are sure to make you angry, yes, stairways! Get yourself a big Imperial Stout, preferably a coffee infused one. The definitive choice here is the Péché Mortel, again from Dieu du Ciel. This pitch black, complex,  espresso filled beer is what you need to keep your sanity in this grueling game. The intense flavor will keep you motivated to slay Dracula one more time!

By the way, now is the best day to get a Péché Mortel and start up your NES because it's the tenth anniversary of this awesome beer (november 18th) and, since this year is the 25th of Castlevania, there never was a better time! Try it out but don't drink too fast, you'll never get to the end screen.

Have a nice beer and good luck with Dracula!

Short version :
Castlevania - St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout
Castlevania 2 - Aphrodisiaque
Castlevania 3 - Péché Mortel


  1. Go watch Egoraptor's review of it instead. I prefer it to AVGN's.

  2. Yeah it's a good one too, they're also pretty different. I love the two sequelitis videos.

  3. Nice, I need to check it out :)