Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Games You Need To Know

There is plenty of top 10, top 100 or top whatever over the internet for every kinds of games. You want one about the saddest, the scariest, the worst or the best ever, you've got one. I won't do one just to add another list to the lot. Anyway, you always get some gamers angry because you missed this or that.

A couple months ago, I got the "1001 video games you must play before you die" book and, while it's not a bad book, I felt that it missed a couple things and also gave too much attention to others. (That many GTA? Really?) It still is an interesting book. Almost every time someone is over to my place, they open the book and remember some of their favorite games. Even with its flaws, it's nice trip down memory lane!

Because of this book, I decided to do something similar. I'll do short articles about games that I think should be known to any serious gamers. It's a new series of article to go along with the beer pairings. I will add new games from time to time, not in any particular order. It's games that are important, had an impact on the industry and, of course, that are fun to play!

Here's the first game that I'll talk about :

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