Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Adventure Island's fruits

Happy new year everyone!

I hope you had fun playing and drinking with your friends and family. Now, it's back to work and normal life which means I'll start doing some game beering for you.

Today I have a game that contrast with the cold weather. Forget the snow and the freezing wind, we're heading on a nice island to save a kidnapped lover, again! Lets take control of Master Higgins and dive into Adventure Island!
If you've never played this game, it's quite simple : Master Higgins is trying to rescue his girlfriend Tina who's been kidnapped by the evil King Quiller. Like any platformer, you go from left to right, level after level, facing  a boss at the end of each world. What makes this game a bit different is that you have a health bar even though you die with only one hit. You see, Master Higgins needs strength and energy to get through the levels so he has to eat or else it's over. You have to make sure you collect fruits along the way to keep your health high enough to get to the end of the level. You will lose some over time and also, if you bump into a rock. Watch out.

You start unarmed but you'll soon find some weapons hidden in eggs(??) scattered around every level. There's also a skateboard you can hop on! Once you touch the skate, you'll be wearing a big helmet and speeding to the left, only able to slowdown a bit. If you touch an enemy, you'll drop from your skate and go back to normal.
The game is pretty simple but also a lot of fun. It's great to play with friends, just pass the controller along when you die and you'll have a great time. Be sure to grab the Hudson Bee to get unlimited continue! (hint hint)

Now the real question : what should you drink with it and why?!

This game takes place on a tropical island and you're always eating fruits so a fruity beer it will be. I went with a style which is made by spontaneous fermentation using wild yeast. You're actually in the wild, facing monsters so the wild yeast isn't too far fetched. You might have guessed : it's a lambic, a kriek to be exact.

As I said, lambic are not fermented like your usual beer. These Belgian beers come with a unique tartness from the yeast and you can find some cider and white wine tastes to them. Hop flavor and bitterness is also pretty low.

The kriek is, simply put, a lambic with cherries added. The fruits add some sweetness to the mix and a nice reddish color.

Kriek aren't easy to come by around here except for the Mort Subite which often appear in SAQs. It might be on the sweet side but still is a nice beer to try if you bump into it. At 4.5% ABV, it won't stop you from getting to that final boss so you'll only have you to blame if you fail...